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Open Call for Travelling Guerrilla Curators: Create Your Own Street Exhibition!

Are you a passionate curator with a shared ambition to create engaging street exhibitions? The Art Space Project is looking for guerrilla curators from around the world to design and direct their own street exhibitions.

This open call is for individuals/duos/collectives who are ready to take their curatorial skills on the road. Share your unique vision and create engaging art experiences in urban environments, reach diverse audiences and transform public spaces into living art hubs.

What does Art Space Project offer?

  • PR Support: We will help promote your street exhibition, ensuring it gains visibility and attracts a wide audience.

  • Art Supplies: We will provide all the necessary tools and materials to make your street exhibition a success.

  • Display: Your street exhibition will be featured on Art Space Project's website and social media channels. It will also take place in our online exhibition and archive.

How to Apply?
Our open call is ongoing and you can apply at any time. To participate, send us a single PDF containing the following:
Portfolio: Examples of your previous curatorial activities.

This is your chance to take art to the streets and/or rural areas, engage with the public and be part of a global network of innovative curators. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to lead and inspire through Art Space Project!

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